Where are we all?



  • Official comment

    Hey Bassjuggler!

    We're in Bermondsey - please drop by if ever you find yourself in London. We always have tea and usually have chocolate too :). We definitely have a good number of customers in the Wirral so you should find some Beeliners near you. 

    Where is everybody else from?

  • Utku Algun

    Hey everyone,

    I live in Debrecen, Hungary. Although at the moment the roads are a bit icy, I cannot wait to get on my bike to do some Beeline exploration!

    I don't think there are many backers from Debrecen, let alone Hungary :)


    All the best,


  • Kate

    Hi Utku,

    Welcome to the community! No, I don't think that there are many Beeliners in Hungary...but there are definitely a few! Hope you all find each other :)

  • Ian Mayman

    I'm in Warwickshire (UK) but I know almost everywhere here at home. I often visit London and I can't wait to get lost in the city again and use my Beeline, I'll be getting off at random tube stops and walking. I really wish Beeline came with a watchstrap though or even a pocket watch-like case!

  • Alex Vanden Bosch

    I'm in Putney, London, although I was living in Bermondsey when you started the project. I'll pop by in a couple weeks when things have calmed down after the launch! 

  • Richard Martin

    I'm in Cardiff. I have lived here for 30 years and thought I knew the city well but on my first trip out with my Beeline I discovered roads I have never been along before, including two dead ends!

  • Ben Murphy

    I'm in Toronto, Canada. First Canadian here?

  • Phillip Anderson

    Boston, MA. Expecting my Beelines any day now. Excited to try it out. Might be a while before I can get back to the London area, but the tea and chocolate sounds tempting!

  • ligfiets56

    Beeline arrived today!

    I live in Gouda, the Netherlands.

    Famous for the cheese and stroopwafels!

  • Patrick Nicodemus

    Hi, I'm from Langen (Hessen), Germany. Is someone else still there?

  • Kate

    Sounds good Alex, looking forward to seeing you! Hi everyone else! Come by if you ever find yourselves in London

  • David Callaghan-Sloane

    Hi All,

    I live in Wandsworth, London, I shall pop in sometime in the near future, it will be a good field test route for me :-)



  • Kim Smouter

    Hello everyone, I am based in Brussels, Belgium. Looking forward to meeting fellow Brusseleers who want to have fun beelining around!



  • Kristofgss

    Mechelen, also Belgium. Just got my beeline today to try out :)

  • Kris De Winter

    Belgium, Bruges


    Beeline arrived today in White City, Oregon, Fiefdom of Trump. :(

    'Working on a Beeline to Australia, with a NZ waypoint, or verse-vica.


  • Carlos Marcelo Cabrera

    First argentinean here!

    I'm beelining Belfast (Northern Ireland) ATM.

  • Stewart Watters

    A Brit newly-arrived in Tokyo

  • Alex Vanden Bosch

    Living the dream, Stewart! 

  • Alistair Gray

    I live in Kennington so am really close. Will drop in sometime soon - as part of my trialling Beeline.


  • Verity

    I'm in Cornwall 😊

  • Daniel Magill


    I'm in the North of England, Sunderland to be precise.

    I'm a regular cyclist between there and Newcastle, if anyone is in that neck of the woods. Though the Beeline did just get me from Doncaster to Lincoln rather impressively.


  • Jarno Peschier

    I'm in the center of the Netherlands: https://about.me/peSHIr (which includes all kinds of links I manage, including my Strava account where you can see where I bike)

  • Mats


    Just got my beeline today, first ride today through roads I know well. Pretty good for a first ride.  Some minor compass issues but pretty good all in all. 

    Mostly riding in Helsinki and southern Finland.  

    First Finn here ? 

  • Eli Naeher

    I'm in New York City--where Beeline works great!

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