Wow. Just walking around Copenhagen



  • Official comment

    Hi Jonathon! 

    Awesome. Sounds like Copenhagen is a good place to Beeline. Hope you had a great trip! Wristband sounds like a good idea....

  • Philipturley

    Wrist band is a defo. Come on let's expand where this nifty little device can take us. ...... quickly! 

  • Jarno Peschier

    Talking about wristbands: have thought about Apple Watch / Android Wear watch faces? Some Android apps include such a watch face (like the Microsoft Outlook one). If I ever walk an unfamiliar city without my bike (and Beeline device) I could still use the app while walking around, without having to take the phone out, but just glancing at my watch from time to time. No need for any new/different hardware at all.

  • Verity

    I think that is a fantastic idea - I've been thinking along those lines myself. I reckon you'd have to have your Beeline with you, otherwise it's just another app (although If it was an app you paid for, Beeline might consider that too...)

  • Verity

    I'd happily wear the Beeline hanging around my neck for walking and just glance at my watch (watch face rather than app sounds like a good idea). I went for a long walk in London yesterday and my Beeline kept pointing in a different direction to the arrow on my phone, so in the end I just looked at my phone instead.

  • Beeline Team

    Hey all - loving the ingenuity of using it when out and about without your bicycles. 

    Verity - we'd definitely like to follow up and check why your device and phone were pointing in different directions... please do email us at

    Happy Beelining!


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