Trick to prevent the Beeline fall off



  • Helge

    I think maybe something like the two things below (first one is my favourite because no metal involved here) would be a better fit to attach the device. Don't get me wrong it is nice to have an all enclosing shell, but on a cobbled street the force of the bent rubber is puling the thing out of it's position. Instead having an additional (and replaceable) rubber strap which attaches to the shell would also make it easy to attach it to different kind of bars or even on a baby buggy while you find your destination.

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  • Richard curtis

    I got my Beeline and this issue came to front of mind. I’ve solved it for me, by using a small cable tie around the strap and connected it to the brake/gear cable on side of the handle bars. If it does come undone, it just swings freely, until you come to a safe place to fix it. So no modification to the strap required. However, it does kind of commit the Beeline to the bike and would be good to buy a second strap so I can do the same on the other bike, and just replace the device before the next ride.

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  • John Kirk

    Brilliant Stefano :)

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  • Coveliers ilja

    I just got my Beeline and put it on my handlebars to test.

    I already see that it's not going to hold while riding.

    So here's my approach (first version - only rubber band I could find at home, will buy a stronger one), which is similar to Stefano's

     I'm also currently drawing something in Fusion360,

    but I don't have a 3D printer yet :)


    Follow these steps :

    1) Just take the rubber band and tie a knot in the middle.


    2) Connect your Beeline to the handlebars and put the rubber band through on the front-side


    3) Take the left side of the rubber band and pull it over the Beeline and do the same for the right side of the rubber band.

    The connection is strong.

    I hope the Beeline team can improve the mount in the future...




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