How to attach/park your beeline when not in use



  • Alex Vanden Bosch

    Where did you find this magical device? I didn't seem to get one in my packaging...?

  • Helge

    I found it in my package on the left side of the package. At first it looked just like a very elegant branding of the product box, but then I discovered that the box was consisting of two layers and that you could actually lift the layer to get to this piece of awesomeness.

    Same thing is true for the right side of the box, where I discovered that a small USB-cable was hidden under the layer. So it is actually worth it to take a closer look at your box. ;-)

  • Carlos Marcelo Cabrera

    Look for it!

    I didn't find it the first time neither.

  • Alex Vanden Bosch

    Ahhh amazing! I found the USB on the other side, and did initially check the side with triangle, but there was a teeny tiny bit of glue or something in the corner that I tried to lift and it was stuck down, so figured there wasn't anything there! Just tried the opposite corner and boom! Shiny newness! The gift that just keeps giving :) 

  • Carlos Marcelo Cabrera

    "The gift that just keeps giving"

    Exactly what I felt when I found mine. (but my English is not good enough to express it with words).

  • Alistair Gray

    I had the same "pleasant surprise" - fortunately, otherwise I might have disposed of the packaging and lost this and the USB cable.

    Might be a good idea if BeeLine included a line or two in the grey shiny guide about these 2 items.

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