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  • Beeline Support

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for getting in touch with Beeline. In order for a Beeline to be properly calibrated, your Bike has to be lifted 90 degrees. However, your Beeline won't need to be calibrated every ride. 



  • Peter S

    That is, in my humble opinion, a pretty crucial design oversight. I have a 28 kg Dutch bike, and while I'm fairly used to hauling it over rail bridges etc., calibrating my Beeline to it was a real pain. 

    Unless you're able to overcome this inconvenience. may I suggest you amend your claim that Beeline can be fitted to "any bike"?

  • Peter S

    Credit where it's due: Beeline's new calibration method (presently only available on the beta apps, but apparently it'll be rolled out into the standard apps soon) utterly eliminates the need for any handlebar twisting or bike lifting. Instead it's literally just a case of attaching your Beeline, riding off, and the app calibrates your Beeline on the spot, very quickly, and off you go! I did it with my non-standard bike today and it worked a treat!

  • Louis Orelli

    no need to calibrate - new firmware has automatic calibration

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