No data saved after ride




  • Official comment
    Beeline Support

    Hi Petros this should now be fixed for future rides. Happy Beelining!

  • Kate

    Hi Petros, 

    Oh no! Could you tell me which phone you're pairing with your Beeline please? 

  • Petros Kounnos

    Hi Kate,

    I am pairing my Beeline with a Samsung Galaxy S6

  • Kate

    Hi Petros,

    Great, thank you for letting me know.

    Your data has been saved but we've seen a problem crop up on Android phones where some of your old rides are not marked as finished (so you don't see the date from them). We've figured out what the problem is and will roll out the fix as soon as we can. 

    Thanks for letting us know!


  • Petros Kounnos

    That sounds great. Thank you very much for the quick reply!!!!

  • Gerrit Hannaert

    I got bitten by this problem too.

    I was out for a one-time trip to Antwerp last Monday (would've written up a story about it, it was thoroughly enhoyable!) & have a nice map showing where I've been, but 0km, 0 minutes are displayed, despite having pressed the confirm/finished button.

    The day prior a firmware update was installed :-(

    Will the bug/data be fixed also for past trips?
    All past trips, when there are new ones, are per definition finished, and there is obviously some data present, or there would be no map.

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