Navigation Software/Community Integration (Komoot ?)




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    Beeline Team

    Hey! Thank you as always for reaching out with these great suggestions. At Beeline, we're big fans of Komoot, and we're working on some exciting routing updates to share with you all in the coming months. We take all these suggestions on board and are really excited to keep developing the product so that your Beelining experience can be as awesome as possible.

    Happy Beelining,


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  • Gerrit Hannaert

    I totally agree : Komoot <> Beeline integration would be a real winner & could implement the much-discussed and debated "turn-by-turn" GPS feature without overburdening the Beeline team in re-implementing what already works well in other apps.

    Added bonus is that the Beeline App could remain in its current "minimalist" format, so there is no ugly compromise.

    Myself, I recently discovered Komoot (probably in this Cobi integration topic) and am really thrilled by the quality of this app and its routing - but not that eager to bolt a smartphone/tablet to my bike for various reasons. Cobi is pretty cool, but quite expensive, and not nearly as svelte as our little Beeline is ;-)

    Bottom line: set up a partnership with Komoot - it'll be a win-win! 
    They sell more offline maps, you guys sell more devices :-)


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  • thijsweenk

    As I'm traveling through Germany and France I plan my route on the go. Where Beeline works great in city environments, Komoot is far superior in route planning in more rural areas (where I am now). But Komoot is also a powerhog. A combo between Beeline and Komoot would be the answer for me!

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  • Edward Scotcher

    Any updates on this, Sam?

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  • alex z.

    And Updates on this?

    I am pondering to get a ciclosport hac that can do it. I would prefer to use the beeline though...

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  • Beeline Team

    Hey guys, we've been flat out on shipping a great Beeline Moto, Komoot integration is on the agenda but I can't promise anything in terms of timelines, I'm afraid. We will be fixing gpx imports which will effectively enable importing Komoot routes manually, and that is pencilled in for the next month or so. 

    Thanks for all the feedback, and the support!


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  • Bernhard Steinbäck

    Hello Sam!

    I test the komoot import. The import works fine, but the navigation on google bike make a new route and so it does not work. 

    See the photos.

    Komoot is a great (the best) navigation in germany, austria, switzerland, (and other land´s) for road and offroad navigation.

    You have a great product, but only works on street fine. Please, make it better. 

    Kind regards 


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