One more new beeline user :-)



  • Malc Anderson

    HI Ralph, you raise some great questions, and I would be interested to hear the response from the Beeline team… did they ever come back to you?


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  • Ralph Welz

    Hi Malcom,

    In short words:-)

    1.) This app behaviour has been resolved with some update of the Beeline app.

    2.) I do not use this GPX import feature that often, but there were several improvements as well.

    3.) There seems to be no changes, but for me it's ok, because I have a Phone/Beeline runtime > 6 hours and more. 

    4.) As far as I know there isn't any direct download functionality, but you can connect the Beeline to Strava and the Strava web service offers export functionality. For me the Beeline is a nice gadget that helps to explore my surroundings. But if I need real navigation to follow a specific route, I'm using my Garmin Edge -> same when I want to log exercises with the race bicycle, so the export isn't that important to me.

    All in all I like my Beeline for this kind of usage (explore surroundings in a somewhat 'casual' way) very much...


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