Display more than one info on main display during ride




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    Beeline Team

    Hey Andrew! Wow - awesome to hear you're having such a great time with Beeline. That's why we do what we do! 

    Very interesting suggestion regarding the possibility of having the arrow appear on multiple screens. We're constantly thinking about updates to the user interface, and this idea has reared its head before. We'll revisit it and keep you posted :)

    Happy Beelining!


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  • Beeline Team

    This is a neat idea! It's definitely something we're considering as we think about version 2 of the interface on the device.

    For now, you can access your speed and the current time using the left and right buttons on the device.

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  • Haydn Thomas

    Any thoughts on adding an average speed display too? Really useful on longer rides!

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  • Peter S

    Average speed would be pretty cool. But to be really useful it'd have to incorporate an auto-stop feature so it only calculated average speed for the time riders were actually moving.

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  • Andrew Tait

    I've used the Beeline for 3 rides now (I LOVE it!  Yesterday the route I took from house to work to supermarket to house was totally different to my usual!), and one thing I found odd was that the compass/direction arrow ONLY appears on one screen.  During a ride it would be great to switch from distance to waypoint to total distance to speed/average speed whilst always being able to see the arrow.  There should be some way (small arrow, moving pointer round the edge of the display?) to show the direction on every screen during a ride.

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