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    Hey Ingo and Katrin, 

    Awesome!! We're going to tweet this to help you find a guide! So cool that you're coming over for RideLondon. 

    Have a good weekend. 



  • Ingo Braun

    Thanks Kate! It will be a great help for us! Maybe there is someone to guide us also on Monday back from Olympic park to the shop on London Bridge to give back the bikes there? Sorry for the not perfect English! 

  • Kate

    Nice pic! Yes, that would be great. We will try to help you to find someone for both ways :). Also one of our team, Victor, says that you can take the boat from London Bridge across the river and then along the canal all the way to the Olympic Park so that could be a fun (and not too busy) route to take :)

  • Ingo Braun

    Regards to Victor-it should be all easy with a good route, but we're more in sorrow for the traffic conditions. 

    Our timetable is to be at the bike shop (On your bike) between 9 am and 11 am on both days. Maybe it helps for looking someone!

    Thank you so much! Have a nice weekend too!

  • Heike Waldmann

    Hallo Katrin und Ingo, ich helfe euch gerne. Könntet ihr mir bitte bei Twitter folgen (@whenwillthatbe), dann können wir direkter kommunizieren.
    Beste Grüße Heike

  • Ingo Braun

    Hallo Heike, 

    wir folgen dir (ibcb), wir können uns also direkter unterhalten. 

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