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    Beeline Support

    Hi Andrew,


    We are happy to hear that you have your Beeline! Many exciting routes ahead! :)

    Beeline can't be switched off - instead it will enter sleep mode which keeps power consumption to a minimum. 

    The display is a 'memory in pixel' type display, so it uses virtually no power provided what's on the display isn't updating (unlike a traditional LCD display). It's similar in this respect to a Kindle screen.

    The battery should last about 30 days on standby.

    Happy Beelining!



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  • Oliver Polden

    This isn’t great. I just took my beeline out of my bag after not using it for a while and there’s no battery left. Seems crazy that you can’t just turn it off so there’s battery for the next time you use it. I mean, I typically ride routes I know and use the beeline when I don’t and really need it. Serious design flaw there.

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  • Anthony Fasano

    Pretty asinine that you can't turn it off

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