Strava integration beta (Android)



  • Jacques

    Upload to strava works fine ;-)

    but route assistant not working at all.... just a little yellow progress bar during 1 sec and Nothing... ;-(

    I'd like to see this feature works ;-) any idea ? With this new version how can I send u more logs to investigate the problem ? I've no message on app.



  • Beeline Team

    Thanks, Jacques. We're still trying to track the problem down with the Route Assistant. If you see any errors or there's a particular way you can make it not work then please let us know.

  • Jarno Peschier

    See other threads about Route Assistant woes. Could it possibly be cultural issues (decimal points/commas) in the API calls?

  • Beeline Team

    Version 1.2.1202 is on the way to all you beta testers! It fixes a few issues with Strava uploads. (It includes the route assistant fix too!)

    Let us know how you get on.

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