Route Assistant - waypoints don't automatically update



  • Official comment

    Hi Wesley, 

    Thanks for the feedback! We are always working to refine and improve our features and a solution for missed waypoints on route assistant is firmly on the list. 

    Please keep in touch with any feedback that you have and make sure that you keep an eye out for app updates :). 


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  • Kim Smouter

    Echo Wesley's suggestion. I tried route assistant to create a new cycle route and it was rather frustrating as it wasn't precise enough when I needed to make vital turns and so I often ended up on a parallel road compared to the one I needed to be. Because the waypoint doesn't update, the distance gage would essentially widen gap between the actual waypoint it was pointing me towards and the waypoint I thought I was going to. It meant on a 70km ride, I had to stop 4 times to double-check myself where on the map I was supposed to be heading vs where I actually was.   

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