Upload to Strava with public/private option




  • Beeline Team

    Hi Richard,

    You can make the ride public on Strava in the Strava app. You can also change your Strava settings so that your new rides are public by default.

    Do you think Beeline should have more options to control Strava settings for a ride?

    Thanks for the feedback!

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  • Richard curtis

    Thanks Tom, I forgot about that configuration. However, I think there is a need to override the private setting in a Strava with a public post from Beeline or to keep to the default of private. This use case would be, if you are having a crafty cycle in the afternoon on a workday (down to some down time), then you would want this to be private by default. If, however, it’s the weekend, then you might want to override the private default setting to be public. (A niche use case I know, but would be damn handy). Hope that makes sense?


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