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    Hi all, 

    Thanks for the suggestion - we'll definitely make sure that it is on the table for consideration! 

    @Rob Powell, did you know that you can set waypoints on the map itself?

    Hope this helps. We're also considering mapping options to improve on cycle path visibility in the Beeline app etc. so hopefully you'll see notice some improvements on there soon too. 

    Thanks again and please keep all ideas coming!

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  • collin

    I'd go for this as well. At the moment i useagarmin edge 25 for my free rides which records max and average speed, calories and distance covered. I am a recent purchaser of the beeline and i have only used it a couple of times to date.

    It would be great if you could just press go and it would follow your route as sometimes i just ride and explore my local area, Cheshire.

    Otherwise a great little tool for cycling.

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  • anne Flaherty

    Yes  please - would like a free ride option

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  • Rob Powell

    I'd second this, it would be good if the app had a pure free ride mode, which just records what you've done.

    I usually put a destination within 100m of where I am and then just ride, but that is a clumsy way of doing it.

    Also, I'm having a lot of difficulty in adding waypoints on the iPhone app. If I click "via" it wants me to type a waypoint, rather than letting me click on the map. I don't know what to type in if I am on a forest trail, and it's messy having to use a third party site to create a load of waypoints. It's more difficult as the maps don't have cycle paths, which is sad for a cycle tool!


    Sorry, back to Bordi's point, a free ride option would be fab, +1!

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  • Manuel T

    Me too I would like to see a free ride option please.  Thanks.


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