Calling calibration beta testers!



  • Kate

    Anyone interested please sign up here: if you are on iOS

    or here if you are on Android 

    and we'll get back in touch soon with the next steps!

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  • Peter S

    I've signed up and and am looking forward to hearing more. But one piece of immediate feedback, on the Typeform you have: it should be possible to select multiple bikes when answering the question "What bike do you have?" I picked the one I've had least success with, but I would have liked to have picked another option given too.



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  • Peter S

    I've used Beeline several times since becoming a beta-tester and updating the firmware on my Beeline and the app on my phone accordingly. Prior to doing this, my experiences with Beeline had been mostly negative: calibration on my steel-framed bike had been unreliable and hard to achieve in the first place, with the result that the arrow usually pointed the wrong way when I was out and about.

    Since updating it however with this beta-version, my Beeline has been almost flawless. The only blot was that it crashed once, but I simply restarted it and off I went. Beyond that though, calibration was far easier and quicker on my 28 kg Dutch bike than had been the case before, and the arrow 100% reliable. The highlight has been discovering a beautiful cycle path through a meadow that I didn't know about before, and I've also been loving the connection to Strava, which gives smarter and more detailed analysis of rides than Beeline's basic reports (not that I think this is a problem - best leave that to Strava I reckon).

    Quite simply this beta version and the new calibration method has changed my typical experience of Beeline from bewilderment and frustration, to enjoyment and wonderment. There is still room for improvement I think (which I'll list in the feature requests section here), but such improvements are relatively minor and besides, all part of the iterative nature of apps.

    Many many thanks to everyone who worked on this release, you've made me really happy! I look forward to what Beeline next has in store...

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  • Hendy Racher

    Hi Peter,

    Really good the hear the new calibration method works well as I've also been having trouble with a steel framed bike. Have signed up for the beta. 



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