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  • spaceaxe

    Hmm.  Just bought Beeline and I am discouraged to see so many concerns/issues/complaints that have not been answered.  It may go back.  Import GPX?  Strava integration?   Hmm.  Mine should arrive Thursday.

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  • Peter S

    Hi there

    I don't work for Beeline but I like them as a company and have had generally positive experiences with my Beeline. Here are my thoughts on your points:

    You're absolutely right that the lack of replies from Beeline employees to concerns aired here isn't great, and that they need to step up their efforts here. However, I've found Beeline to be very helpful if contacted directly - their email is support at beeline . co 

    I've imported a GPX file once, and it worked fine. The problem was that the Route Assistant feature, which automatically suggests waypoints, is less good, particularly as it basically reverts to Compass mode between the waypoints it has identified. So for example it might point in a certain direction because the waypoint is in that direction, but it won't tell you that there are two turns you have to make before then. Beeline however have reassured me that they're aware of this and are working on an improvement.

    Strava integration generally works fine. The only heart-in-mouth moments I've had are after long rides, when sometimes it takes several hours to upload the ride successfully. I haven't lost any data yet, but it's not ideal. Shorter rides tend to upload without any problem though, and Beeline reassured me that they had amended the app to prevent/reduce problems with the uploads of longer rides.

    Likewise, following up Kehler45's point, I've had the same problem with the arrow pointing anywhere but the right direction, which is obviously intensely frustrating. But Beeline are aware of this and I'm pretty sure they've fixed it. As with any app/computer, it's worth regularly checking for updates to your app and the firmware on your Beeline to ensure you have any technical fixes that Beeline have issued.

    Personally I'd give it a good try before considering sending it back. It really depends on what you want it for, but my tips would be:

    1. If you want turn-by-turn navigation, it's best to manually enter the waypoints yourself, ideally whenever you need to change direction;

    2. Use their beta app if you can. Generally speaking it has the fixes before the main app gets them, which can be very helpful sometimes, such as the GPS-enabled calibration which was a huge improvement on the handlebar-turning routine.

    3. Be aware that the routes suggested by Route Assistant may be more or less busy than you want at that particular time. So it's worth double-checking just in case Beeline dumps you on a dual carriageway and you're not up for that. It's another reason why manually inputting (and saving for later use) routes is the best approach in my opinion.

    And finally, hopefully further reassurance comes from my experience at least that as a company Beeline really do seem to care about their customers. They're a small company with limited resources, but still, their attitude to solving my problems has been exemplary. That's why, even though I still occasionally have the odd problem with my Beeline, I stick with it, because the experience is genuinely getting better all the time.

    Let us know how you get on!


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  • spaceaxe

    Peter, thank you!  That was very helpful.  I am a frequent flyer with new tech and have gotten a bit leery of late given some failures in other companies.  I appreciate your comments and will give Beeline a real try.  I am recently retired and hope to use it as a cane mounted device. ;-)  I have a bike, too, if that doesn't work.  I'm already working on a special head for the cane that will allow proper orientation in mounting.   I'll let all know how that goes.

    Thanks again for your thoughtful and helpful response, Peter.

    I am in Seattle, Washington, USA, by the way.  Tonight I am filling in for another announcer on the local classical music radio station, and while long pieces play I am doing some research and prep for my upcoming exercise efforts.



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  • Kehler45

    I agree with Peter  about Beeline as a company, they have been extremely helpful with my earlier problems. But then I contacted them directly, not via this forum.

    And regarding my complaints, the most important Issue seems to be solved: On my three latest rides the arrow has been pointing in the right direction, forward, or at least towards where I estimated the next waypoint to be. And the magnet doesn't show so often and dissappears spontaneously - I think, I hardly notices it any longer.

    That the Strava upload doesn't work is a very minor issue for me as long as there isn't a pause function on the device, I want to know my time on the bike and the average speed, not with pauses included.


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