Sound of vibration at waypoints




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    Beeline Team

    Hey! We get where you're coming from on this... I've passed it on to the Product guys and they'll have a think. Thanks for getting in touch, and happy Beelining!

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  • Gregor Erdmann

    Would  also love this. In fact I wasn’t aware that there wouldn’t be turn by turn voice prompts until I had already purchased the moto. 

    I had actually thought that I could use google maps, and the moto would provide a simple visual representation of the navigation instructions - somehow linking to google maps app.

    Anyway, a bluetooth audio alert from the app would be great - or if thats technically impossible, maybe a flash on the screen.

    For long countryside routes, with infrequent intersections/turnoffs, beeline out of the box is fine, but for inner city commuting with many turns, audio/visual prompts would be quite important. 

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  • Craig Callender

    Another vote for this, and a suggestion that a simple chime or similar would be appreciated over a vibration for us motorcycle riders.  I had music playing in my helmet, so the chime would just sound in my ears.  Also...

    • If you do a simple chime, I wouldn't pause music playback on the bluetooth device.
    • If you do voice directions, I would at least provide the option in the app on whether the user wants to pause playback during voice prompts, or overlay them.
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