My app and Beeline have just gone through an update with each other... now the App crashes everytime!



  • Dreamraven

    OK... it seems to be related to Bluetooth transmission.

    If I turn off Bluetooth, the app stays up. I can create a route, and 'use without Beeline'. But, if I then turn on Bluetooth, it connects with the Beeline, and the Beeline then functions as expected for around 3-5 minutes, and then the app crashes...

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  • Peter S

    I have an Android phone and updated the app and firmware of my Beeline recently too. I had a problem updating both because the bluetooth connection suddenly (and very unusually) failed mid-update. As a result my Beeline's display got stuck on the download symbol and my app was pretty unresponsive. Like you, I restarted my phone, but no dice.

    I was about to email Beeline with my woes, but decided to try one last thing: unpairing my phone from my Beeline, and then re-pairing it. It worked! As soon as the phone re-paired with my Beeline, it said there was an update available. This time it downloaded the firmware perfectly, and the following day I used it on a 40 km without problem.

    So, though our situations may be slightly different, try unpairing and then re-pairing your phone from your Beeline.

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  • Dreamraven

    Thanks for responding Peter S!

    I have been experimenting with my Beeline off and on since I posted this, including getting my phone to completely forget my Beeline and re-pairing it. This did give a minor improvement, in that I have managed to keep them paired and working for upto 10 minutes!

    Not having the phone on the 'Beeline View', but map view, or having the phone app running in the background helped, along with keeping the Beeline moving (if I stopped at traffic lights, the app failed!). It is certainly something to do with the app communicating with the Beeline via Bluetooth. If I choose to 'use without Beeline' the app runs without stopping for hours at a time. As soon as I turn on Bluetooth, they connect, but the app will crash at some point shortly after.

    Interestingly, I received an email from Beeline yesterday, saying:

    Our logs have identified that you've experienced some crashes with the Beeline app.  
    This was due to a runtime bug with the 32-bit version of the iOS app, which has now been fixed by our developers and will be part of an app update you should receive over the next few days. 
    Thank you for your patience and we hope that you're enjoying riding with Beeline."

    Haven't seen this latest update yet, but I will keep looking. My beeline is currently close to being a standard watch/compass without it!
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