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    Beeline Team

    Hi Kim,

    Really fantastic to hear that you liked the new update! We were really chuffed to release it, because we knew magnetic calibration was a bit of a pain.

    Hope you do fall back in love with the product. Get in touch with us if there's any more suggestions you have which might facilitate that!

    Happy Beelining,


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  • Peter S

    Yeah, the auto-calibration feature works really well. Previous iterations of it had existed on the Beta version of the app, but the latest version in the update to the main app is great. I found yesterday on a 40 km ride that even when the distance to waypoints wasn't updating for some reason, the arrow constantly adjusted to point in the right direction as I changed direction. Given that assisted navigation is the selling point of the Beeline, I'm really glad that Beeline's developers have sorted this.

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  • Kim Smouter

    Yeah, it's really somehow brought the product together. I switched bikes this morning, restarted my phone as Beeline and the phone's bluetooth weren't cooperating with each other, but the auto-calibration once again worked great once I'd resolved that. I did a 50km journey this morning with it and again found the directional arrow to be precise and even allowed us to discover a prettier route on our way back, nice one! 

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