Distance and elevation for routes




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    Beeline Team

    Hi Oliver, it really is fantastic to hear that you're enjoying using your Beeline. You make a great point, and one that's been mulled over here at Beeline HQ. These are certainly on our radar. I am reliably informed that altitude in particular is rather tricky, but rest assured, both these elements will find themselves in the product eventually. 

    Thanks for getting in touch. These insights and requests are so valuable to us, because we are on a mission to nail this. 

    Happy Beelining!


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  • Ralph Welz

    I second number 2.
    A small on-the-fly altitude chart at the navigation editor would be nice. Must not be super accurate, but would be helpful to estimate the 'character' of a planned route. The google maps elevation API - besides some other GEO-webservices - could provide this elevation data for route POIs.
    Also it would be nice to have an embedded elevation chart overview at the picture that will be used for sharing on the left top for example. Must also not be super accurate, but would show the charakter of a tour too.
    Sometimes I'm sharing my Beeline tours on twitter and and this would be really a nice advanced tour information :):

    But of course, you could have this advanced information stuff by using Strava and services like that, so it's only a nice-to-have.

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