Curvy and Extra Curvy Routing



  • Florian Ruebartsch

    That is a great suggestion. I would like to add a wish for a calimoto integration, imho the best motorcycle app out there as their algorithm works really well and gets you to discover new routes. Perfect match for Beeline

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  • Ben Cordy

    This would be amazing. I use Kurviger all the time for route planning and integration would be amazing. I've tried the gpx export then import into Beeline but it has a few too many way points for it to work well.

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  • Joao Grade

    This would be great if you could plan the route on calimoto and only show the directions on Beeline without any export/import.

    That way we could share our rides (calimoto has a better sharing experience) and keep some other statistics that are not available on Beeline (top speed, elevation, leaning angles...)

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