Latest update renders phone unable to connect to Beeline



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    Beeline Team

    Hi Adam, glad to see things have resolved themselves.... don't hesitate to get in touch either here or at if anything goes a little bit wonky. Although Peter S usually beats us to it and is super helpful! 

    Happy Beelining, enjoy the sun.


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  • Adam Pugh

    Hm, unpairing and pairing a second time seems to have got it to connect. I will keep my eye on it...

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  • Peter S

    Hi Adam,

    Sorry to hear that. I've got a rather older Nexus 4 with a somewhat more humble Android 5.1.1, and it works fine with the new update to Beeline. It sounds as though you've tried all the attempted fixes I'd suggest, with one exception: 

    Set up your Beeline app as you would normally e.g. enter in a destination, make sure Bluetooth is on, attach your Beeline, and cycle off! With luck your phone and Beeline device will connect and you'll see the arrow, distance, waypoints etc on your device as you cycle along, and they'll stay on.

    I know this doesn't sound like it should work - I mean, if the phone doesn't connect to the device when stationary, why will motion may a difference? I don't have answer for that, all I know is that it often does result in the two connecting when they've been reluctant to connect when I've been stationary. I can only speculate that GPS, auto-calibration and maybe some of the checks the app carries out may somehow be involved - I'm completely speculating here. Or maybe it's just a time thing i.e. if one waited for a few minutes more, they'd connect, I don't know. Either way, the good thing about this approach is that you don't lose any data, because of course your phone is doing all the navigation and tracking, and the Beeline device is just a screen of sorts that shows that data. So it doesn't matter if the device is disconnected for a short while, the phone is storing all the data and is transmitting all the route info for your Beeline device to show when it's able to receive it!

    Let us know how you get on.


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  • Adam Pugh

    Thanks Peter, that's a great tip! I have got it to connect for now, but I hope I'm not going to have to unpair and pair every time I haven't used it for a while, as others seem to have suggested can happen. I'll bear in mind the start-riding-and-hope method and see if that works in future. If it does, that's fine by me.

    all the best


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