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    Beeline Team

    Hi Andrew, thanks for getting in touch with this idea about automatically recognising the more relevant way point. I totally get it. It's something we'd like to see incorporated further down the line. I suppose for now you just have to scroll through waypoints until you reach the relevant one, but than can be a pain especially if the route is based off a GPX route. 

    An alternative (again imperfect) solution is rather than starting a saved 'route', you merely save the destination of that route as a 'favourite place'. Then you can select the 'favourite place' whenever you restart the app/phone mid ride, click route assist to generate waypoints, and you'll be already at the relevant first way point! Of course, this might require tinkering with some of the waypoints if you wanted to perfectly replicate the route you had saved... 

    Anyway, thanks again Andrew, and happy Beelining!

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