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    Beeline Team

    Hey James, thanks for reaching out, and glad you chose Beeline! Definitely hear where you're coming from - personalising the display would be awesome. I've logged the suggestion as something to discuss with the team when we next sit down to plan product development.

    Happy Beelining!


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  • Amadreas

    Hi all,
    As a user of a beeline, as well as an owner of a Smarthalo, I can honestly say that I have returned to using my beeline exclusively.  Reasons being the update with speedo function is very useful, and my most used feature. I like that I can transfer my beeline from bike to bike to bike unlike the Smarthalo that requires a mount. I find the Smarthalo a bit to confusing to interpret the light display of directions. The light display is to blinding at while night riding the darkest section of night. Yes there is a few feature of the SH that are fine, (alarm function, headlight, notifications) but its Beeline simplicity that make it shine.

    Yes I'd love a feature of non-tracking GPS, and a walking feature. Other than that I prefer my Beeline over others.

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  • Beeline Team

    Hey Amadreas - we're pretty chuffed to hear that! We take our commitment to simplicty, functionality and beauty very seriously, so it is really awesome to hear you're enjoying it so much. 

    Hear you loud and clear on the feature requests - they're in the pipeline.

    Happy Beelining,



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