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    Beeline Team

    Wow Stuart! Thanks so much for this. A lovely message to read on Monday morning. 

    On the feedback: glad the calibration worked eventually - the auto-calibration should work seamlessly but does take 10-30 seconds. You just have to get cycling, and it eventually disappears!

    On the second point, we'll definitely take this on board. I think we need to be clearer on what's going on as the new Beeline jumps out of its box. We'll do some work on it!

    Happy Beelining!



  • Stuart

    Ah, I do have a bit of further feedback - I left the holder attached to my handlebars in the sun all day, and it seems to have ruined it.  On the lid half (that doubles up as the holder), the rubber cover completely came unstuck from the hard plastic cup inside it.  It was a very hot day by UK standards and I'm guessing the heat did something to the adhesive?  I tried to repair it with lots of superglue but just made a mess of it.  So I now have two Beelines and just one holder between them!

    a) Is this a known issue?  Might be worth including a prominent warning when you unbox the Beeline, and investigating other adhesives for future iterations of the product (of which I hope there are many!).  Of course, this is just my layman's guess of the problem - it may be that it was a faulty holder or some other issue.

    b) Do you sell the holders separately?  I can only see the whole package in the shop, but I'm sure people will lose or damage the holders occasionally, so it wouldn't hurt to sell replacement ones.

    Just some food for thought there.

  • Beeline Team

    Hi Stuart, thanks for reaching out - disaster! Please send your post address and preference for strap colour to sam.warren@beeline.co, and I'll personally send a couple of replacement straps out immediately. 

    Although very rare, you're not the only one to have had this problem. We'd encourage anyone with this problem to get in touch with us, and we'll replace free-of-charge. It appears our Chinese factory has produced a very small dodgy batch, which we are following up on.



  • Stuart

    Hi Sam,

    Did you send this out?  I've not seen any parcels at the flat, so let me know if you did and I'll check for a red slip missed in the hallway...

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