Charging my Beeline for the first time




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    Beeline Team

    Hey! Thanks for flagging these issues. To tackle them separately:
    1) as you discovered, once paired, you can find the charge level. We're looking into making this display available pre pairing

    2) the device automatically checks for firmware updates. Make sure you update the app from the app store regularly too!

    3) oops! Thanks for flagging this - we'll correct this right away.

    Hope you have some great Beelining adventures - thanks for all your pointers so far.

    Happy Beelining!



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  • Coveliers ilja

    So almost right after this message, the AC plug icon disappeared and above the Beeline icon there was an arrow pointing upwards. I found out on the support pages how to turn it on for the first time and used the app to connect it through Bluetooth.

    It also updated to the newest version. It said v2.3.1164.

    I also found the menu that shows the battery percentage when scrolling through the menu.

    Can you manually check for an update or does the app check automatically every time you start it ?

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  • Coveliers ilja

    In the tutorial inside the app, it says that when you press and hold down the bottom button to enable the light.

    I've tried this but it didn't work.

    I've already found out that you can enable or disable the light on the settings page.

    So the tutorial needs to be updated I guess. ;)

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