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    Beeline Team

    Hey Sean, 

    We agree 100 percent! Full turn-by-turn is in the works - hopefully ready to release later this summer :)

  • Peter S

    I'm delighted to see that Beeline agree on the need for turn-by-turn navigation. It is possible to get one's Beeline to do this, but only by inputting the route and waypoints oneself, manually. Having Beeline be able to do that automatically would be fantastic and save so much time :-)

  • Karsten

    Hi Berliners,
    are there any updates to the matter of turn by turn navigation?

  • Karsten

    sorry, Beeliners of course :-)

  • Beeline Team

    Hey Karsten,

    Aha, these Beeliners are Londoners! ;) 

    Things are coming on pretty nicely, and we've doing some internal and external testing as we speak. The full launch is a while off, but it's going to be pretty cool when we do launch!

    Happy Beelining!


  • Karsten

    Hi Sam,
    as long as turn by turn Beelining works also outside of London this is cool to know, thanks
    best regards

  • Steven Renwick

    I haven't really used my Beeline since I got it during the original Kickstarter, as it was so buggy etc at first.

    I'd like to try it again in Spring but I'd really just like turn-by-turn instructions - is that feature nearly ready for release now?

  • rodgerredhat

    Oh, I thought the Moto had turn by turn? It’s due release in Feb, to read that the cycle version won’t have this until late summer makes me wonder if Moto will have it on release :-(

  • Karsten

    Hi there,

    turn by turn functionality (for bike version) is implemented since early December and working - haven´t tried it on the bike yet (well, season is kind of over) but hope to do so pretty soon. From the short glance I took it seems to function properly.




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