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    Beeline Team

    Hey Hervé! Sorry about the slight delay - its been quite manic here because of the Kickstarter as you'd imagine!

    It is possible to just buy a mount. The way to do this is to pledge the right amount ($25) 'without reward', and then when the campaign closes, every backer completes a form in which they select their final product from a range of products that their pledge makes them eligible for. At this point, you would be able to select from our range of mounts.

    There are important differences between the devices. We are putting a lot of work into the routing and product specification to ensure that it is optimised for motorcycling. I'm sorry I can't go into too much more detail right now, but importantly your old device will still be compatible with the mount, and will be able to download the routing software as we release updates. 



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  • Hervé Frydlender

    Can you guys give us details on the differences between Beeline & Beeline Moto?  Is it just the mount?

    And can I pledge 26$ to "join the club" and get an extra mount?

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