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    Beeline Team

    Hi Mike,

    Sorry not to get back to you earlier! Yep, you're absolutely right - it does need to stay connected. However, you can prolong your phone's battery performance by turning non-essential functions off; having drawn the route and started the journey, the Beeline does not require your phone to be connected to data, which can make a big difference. 

    On your second point, its certainly not a mobile data issue, but it might well be GPS reception. If you could shoot me an email (, we will investigate your specific case fully! 

    Happy Beelining!

  • mike

    Just to add that the FAQs confirm that my phone does indeed need to stay connected. Problem is that an iphone has rubbish battery life when running the app in background, so I will need to add a USB connector to my bike, which spoils the long-battery-life point really. Or I'll update my phone for one that lasts longer on a charge. But the slow start-up synch seems to be an issue: is it a GPS reception problem, or mobile data issue, or what?


  • Beeline Team

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for getting back to me. The battery life is sadly out of our control, but in our experience the battery drain is very limited if your phone is in good health - avoiding being on power saver mode also helps!

    The slow calibration is a concern. It won't be a mobile data issue. Much more likely is the GPS reception. Where were you when you started the ride? Heavily built up areas can be bad, but by and large, this shouldn't be a recurring problem. 



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