How to see the difference between waypoints ?



  • Coveliers ilja

    I forgot to mention that I have an Android phone.

  • Coveliers ilja

    So I went for a ride today and on the screen above the compass arrow there are a few vertical lines. So that's the waypoints I guess.
    Seems also I was wrong to assume that the route assist creates waypoints in between the waypoints you've created. So how does the route assist work then ? I assumed it would create numerous waypoints in between the already existing ones to better guide you on your route, but that is not the case it seems. So how does the route assist do it's thing then ?

  • Beeline Team



    You're right - the route assist will create waypoints in between the ones you've created. Having plotted the waypoints on the map (tapping on bits of the map sequentially), you must then click the Route assistant toggle, which will then generate a bunch of blue dots on the route. These are your additional waypoints!



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