Bluetooth issue after latest update - android



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    Beeline Team

    Hey Ilja,

    Thanks for flagging the Android bug! This was an issue which affected a small number of Android users, and should be fixed with the most recent update. Let us know if there are any recurring problems!


  • Coveliers ilja

    Thanks for the reply. So in a few days this update will become available ?
    Also I was thinking maybe my Bluetooth problem has something to do with my Sigma Bike Computer ?
    Both Beeline and Sigma use wireless signals to communicate.
    I'm going to test all possible combinations and see what works.
    Maybe without my Sigma connected, the Beeline doesn't have a problem ?
    Although the 2 devices did work during the trip, in the beginning the Beeline had some disconnects from the Bluetooth and the Bluetooth stopped working on my phone.
    Anyway, I'll try it out with and without the Sigma. Maybe create some distance between the sigma and my phone and Beeline.
    I'll post my findings here.

  • Beeline Team

    Yep, the update is just being tested internally so will be out soon!

    Looking forward to hearing how your test goes... very helpful



  • Coveliers ilja

    Sounds great !!!

    I did some tests yesterday.

    First without Sigma connected, turned on Bluetooth then started Beeline and started a saved route. No problems whatsoever.

    Second test, connected the Sigma, then turned on Bluetooth, started Beeline, started the same saved route.
    No problems here either.

    Conclusion, the week before was probably a random Bluetooth issue then I guess. If I have encounter the problem again, I'll let you know.
    Greetings, ilja

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