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    Beeline Team

    Hi Haydn, thanks for voicing this one! You're absolutely right: due to a bug in the code of our database provider, the load time gets longer and longer the more data (specifically rides) are stored in the app. Our engineer has pointed the bug out to them and is working with them to fix it with them as we speak, and is hoping to resolve it by the end of the week. 

    5 minutes is waaaaaay too long to load up the app. Don't worry - we're on it!

    Happy Beelining!



  • Haydn Thomas

    Cheers Sam!

  • Beeline Team


    We were having a wild team chat over lunch yesterday, and you can actually hack a solution to this immediately. By deleting and reinstalling the app, you will clear the cache which is what's causing the slow load time. You won't lose your saved routes though!

    We are working on a more *sophisticated* solution though, don't worry!



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