feature: weather, is it going to rain?



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    Beeline Team

    Hey David, awesome to hear these ideas, and definitely know where you're coming from. Some are already in the pipeline, so good to see you agree with our thinking. If you had to choose 1, which would it be, and why??


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  • David Watts

    It would be warnings of rain, if you could predict whether it would rain on your route, then you would know what to wear. Rain Alarm is good for this, but if your app could do a weather prediction/warning that would be better. Although this would be cool you would basically have to get the info that rain alarm has and that would be a hassle. Maybe the next idea is better then

    I think a basic map would be good, it just showing where you are in relation to cities/towns. So a dot for each town with its name then a red dot for you, if you pushed a button you would see that instead of the arrow. With this limited information you wouldn't need to download any maps (important as you don't need network), they could just be a a list/map (eg. {coords, place]) stored on the device. I think sometimes you also want to know more or less where you are.

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  • Beeline Team

    Food for thought! Thanks!

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  • John Kirk

    http://www.weatherbagel.com could help with inspiration 

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