Battery prediction



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    Beeline Team

    Hey Felix,

    Thanks for this. There's lots we can do with the battery, and your idea is very cool. We also want to improve the precision of its battery level reading so you don't get caught out when those final few percentage points don't suddenly vanish. We're also looking at upgrading the battery even more so it lasts even longer in between charges!



  • Felix Peeters

    Hi Sam,

    Thanks for the kind words. Not having eperienced Beeline yet, I fear phone battery lifetime more than that of the Beeline. Is prediction of distance that can still be covered before the phone stops feeding Beeline with info also possible and considered?

  • Beeline Team

    Hi Felix,

    A fair concern, given phone battery lengths vary substantially. It is worth bearing in mind that once you've plotted the route and started the journey, whilst the phone needs to remain on and connected to the Beeline via Bluetooth, you can switch to airplane mode and minimise battery drain that way. 

    The reason it might be tricky to have a distance predictor as you suggest is the large variation in battery health among phones. A new iPhone's 20% might be rather different from a 2 year Android phone's!

    Battery is a real strength of Beeline, and a number of the team here recently completed an overnight cycle. 12 hours in the saddle, and both phone and Beeline managed it comfortably!


  • Gerrit Hannaert

    Nice idea.

    The battery drain will also significantly differ depending on whether the (automatic) backlight is on. Of course, sunset time is predictable - but the drain modelling just became even more complicated now ;-)

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