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    Beeline Team

    Hi Rebecca, thanks for the suggestion! It's funny - when Beeline started out, Mark and Tom took a lot of inspiration from the simplicity of a compass. Sometimes that's all you need! We've thought about adding a marker for North before, so it's good to hear your thoughts. We'll chat about it some more among the team.

    Happy Beelining!

  • Rebecca Taylor

    Was thinking that a compass alone that works when GPS is connected without a route input would be handy. Sometimes I know where I'm going but want to try a new road and compass points are all you need. I have a floating compass but it's not reactive enough and doesn't light up!

  • Beeline Team

    Ah I see. Well, we are working on something exciting called Free Ride mode that won't require a route input. So your ideas could well be incorporated there! What would you like to see in it? Just a north-facing arrow?

  • Brettany Renée Blatchley

    Rebecca? Please check-out my new post in Tips & Tricks called "DIY 'Compass Mode'." It might help until a proper compass mode can be added to our Beelines.


  • Rebecca Taylor

    Thank you! Just installed and will try out tonight.

    I would also like a little north arrow on the normal mode too please Beeline team, just to know!



  • Johann Bergenholtz

    A nice looking just "Compass mode" and I will probably be a buyer.

    Would be great to have the options of just using is as a compass.


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