Battery failure and case build issues



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    Beeline Team

    Hey Nathan, thanks for reaching out! How frustrating that you've got these 2 issues. Let's look into it right away. How long does the battery last now after a full charge? Replacing the battery is pretty fiddly, so we'd have to get yours back to the Beeline office and swap it over for you. After 6 months of use, you definitely shouldn't be experiencing any battery failure. Regarding the strap, we should send out a replacement. It is a thankfully rare case of the glue failing, but there were a few in a previous batch so let's get a replacement out to you right away. 



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  • nathan brown

    Managed to get a charge and it's lasting enough, but it's weird. It was just at 45%, then as soon as I plugged in in it went to 65% then within a few seconds was over 70... It has no clue.

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