Stuck with Firmware update



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    Beeline Team

    Hey guys, sorry for the slight delay! We can definitely get you both sorted, hopefully right away. If the device is stuck on the firmware download screen, please hold the bottom button down for 20 seconds to fully reset the device. Also please ensure that you have forgotten the device within your phone's settings (i.e. not within the app) and restart your phone as this will allow it to reset its bluetooth settings. Any further problems, please reach out to, and we'll investigate further!


  • Annie

    Hey, I do have the exact same problem. My Beeline no longer connects to my iPhone via Bluetooth , it's not discoverable. Also, I can no longer turn the Beeline off and it doesn't react to me pressing any buttons. I guess I am waiting till it powers off because it ran out of juice ...

    Any help much appreciated! 

  • Beeline Team

    Hi Annie, we fixed Marlon's problem right away, and we can definitely fix yours!

    Please could you try quitting the Beeline app, going to your phone's Bluetooth settings menu, selecting the Beeline and tapping 'forget this device' and then opening the Beeline app and allowing it to search for, and pair with, your Beeline? That should reset the connection and get the download sorted. 

    Hope that does the trick! Please let me know if you continue to have any issues. 

  • Tina Hood

    I'm having a similar problem to Marlon's.  The only difference being is that my screen flashes a larger b over the smaller b that's in the cloud, every few seconds or so.

    I've attempted to hold the bottom button for 20 seconds, but the device is not resetting.   Could someone help me, please?  I love my 🐝 and can't ride my bike without it.

    Thank you!

  • Tina Hood

    Never mind.  The battery completely drained and when I plugged it in to charge, it started acting funny again.  But, when I had my phone connect, it found the unit, updated, and seems to be fine now.

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