Dual usage between velo and moto



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    Beeline Team

    Hi Graeme, 

    Great to hear that you are loving your Beeline! Our aim is to make a new permanent mount for the Beeline for bicycles that you could buy and install on your motorcycle :). In terms of the app it will likely be a change in the settings that will allow you to switch between cycling and motorcycling directions!

    Hope you have many great adventures with it. 



  • Rene de Mare

    Hi, just like Graeme I'd like an extra mount to use Beeline Moto on my motorbike and on a bicycle without having to strap the universal mount off and on from one bike to another. A permanent bar clamp mount for on the moto and the option to buy an extra universal strap mount for on the bicycle would be ideal.

    We look forward to the delivery of the beeline moto device!



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