How long can it made log ??



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    Beeline Team

    Hey Hiro,

    Amazing! Yes, we'd love to write a blog post about this. Please send some pictures to, and we will find some time to do a quick interview with you!

    Have you found the issues mentioned above are still occurring? I reckon they're a thing of the past!


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  • Beeline Team

    Wow, you must be crazy! Phenomenal rides from you, Hiroki! Could you tell me a bit more about your Brevets?! We'd love to hear more and maybe feature you in our Beeline blog!

    When you say it failed, what do you mean? Are you unable to plot a sufficiently long route, or when riding does it fail?


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  • Hiroki Okumura

    Thanks good reaction! Sure i`m always crazy !!
    ok! pls pick up at Beeline blog! if you need PIC,Tell me !

    "Brevets" is Bicycle play that grew in France.
    we run 200,300,400,600,10001200km by Self-responsibility.
    limit timie is 15km/1Hr. include sleep and eat and stop!
    For example 600km is 40hour.
    Next year is the year of PBP 1200 km (Pari - Brest - Pari) once every four years.


    I use 5month ago.I don`t know ver.
    ①I can plot a sufficiently long route,
    but when I take a ride ,beeline can`t save ride.
    How long success save log at test ?

    ②and i think to keep before Calibration date in the case of not use calibration.
    n many cases, no automatic calibration is required at all.
    The problem is that if you do not use automatic calibration, it will return to the initial value.

    ③It is another problem.I use iPHONE 8. it run beeline at
    back ground displayed in blue when using GPS.
    I sometime use tweetter snd FB
    and camera.and When I notice the blue display is gone.
    Ithink its mean memory not enough.
    that time is beeline display is freezeand ,sonmetime moving as usual.
    but its fail save the Log.I despaired several times.

    All are old story so this bug may be cured. Did you recognize this bug?


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