Great new navigation, but no more skip?


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    Beeline Team

    Hey Haydn, cracking feedback - thanks for taking the time for put your ideas down so clearly. 

    A few ideas here. Firstly, if you haven't hit the toggle for Route Mode but have just plotted a bunch of Waypoints, you can still skip through Waypoints (and go back to previous Waypoints). 

    Your other use cases are really helpful. They will be solved by ideas we have in the pipeline currently: 1 is to be able to amend routes mid-ride. This would mean getting your phone out and making a few adjustments (such as taking that detour you mention in scenario 1 or going back to the previous location in scenario 4), but you'd remain on the same journey.

    For scenario 2, we're looking to tighten up the junction recognition calculations so that you never 'miss' a junction when you go through it. In our testing, we found this to be very rare anyway, so would be good to hear specific examples of how you missed them. Were they big complex junctions, or where you on adjacent paths?

    For scenario 3, we are looking to include this on the ride data screen of the device - what do you reckon?

    Like I said, we really do appreciate this fantastic and helpful feedback. This sort of crowdsourced brain power is what allows us to keep improving Beeline!

    Happy Beelining,




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