New route mode isn't working




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    Beeline Team

    Hey Ralph, wow - weird! Thanks for tracking this annoying bug down. We'll get on it right away and be back in touch when we've ironed it out. Thank you for your patience!

    The Beeline team

  • Ralph Welz

    Just updated to app version 2.4.1732. Route navigation is working now.
    Thanks for the super fast fix.

    PS: Technically, I'm more of a fan of the old rudimentary Beeline navigation, but the Beeline is getting better and better! Kudos!

  • Gerrit Hannaert

    Yep, looks solved in the latest beta!

    Had the same problem; interestingly using a previously saved route made the Go button work for that route. But did not work for a new destination, nor a "Favourite place".

  • Beeline Team

    Glad all sorted! There were only a few small bugs so we were able to pounce on them right away. Do please get in touch if you notice something else a little funky.

    Happy Beelining!

    The Beeline team

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