"Failed to update your Beeline"



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    Beeline Team

    Hey Peter, we're looking into this right away! We know how much you've used Beeline over the last few months so even more determination to fix this odd bug ASAP. I'll shoot you an email right away.


    The Beeline team

  • Peter S

    I tried again, got a different error message:

    "Unable to execute HTTP request:

    Unable to resolve host "s3.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com": No address associated with hostname."

    Grateful for any help here. Thanks.

  • Peter S

    After trying again on and off over the weekend - success! My Beeline has now been updated and I have route mode on my app! I look forward to trying it out soon. Thanks :-)

  • Frazer Oldfield

    I am having a similar issue with up date, getting the following message- unexpected error - the operation couldn’t be completed- (Beeline.BluetoothError error 0.). Any help would be much appreciated. It is a bit disappointing to be having this issue as only had the device a couple of months!

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