App sounds : off track (routing), Beeline disconnected



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    Beeline Team

    Hey Gerrit, thanks for the great suggestions here and on the other posts. We're looking into a range of mounting mechanisms so that the Beeline never accidentally detaches - what are your thoughts on a permanent mount vs the current strap?

    Would love to hear your thoughts about the new Route Mode too. Have you been able to test the off-route/re-routing functionality properly?


    The Beeline team

  • Gerrit Hannaert

    Hi Beeline team,

    I actually love the "lowtech" look & feel of the current strap, so I'm not "in the market" so to speak for a permanent mount - generally it holds pretty well - this was the first near-miss I had.since I bought it over a year ago (4000km logged).

    The current packaging is also safely pocketable, and great to fidget with when you're not cycling :-P

    I've written down some thoughts on the routing/re-routing after a few trips, but they may be premature - I'll share them tomorrow after a few more k's. What I already love is the on-track/off-track arrow visualisation :-)



  • Beeline Team

    Aha glad to hear you're such a fan of the strap. I know what you mean about fidgeting with it - I often sit at my desk and mess around with the strap! Yes, awaiting your feedback with lots of excitement!


    The Beeline tam

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