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    Beeline Team

    Hey Gerrit,

    Firstly, thank you so much for taking the time to write such a comprehensive and helpful set of feedback. Let me take some time to discuss each point in turn!

    Glad you appreciate the new update - lots of hard work and ideas went into it.

    We need to work out the best way to showcase transparently how re-routing works. When it forces you back to the point you went wrong, that is because that still remains the best route in its calculations. Maybe we should add a weighting to prefer routes that continue in the direction you're taking. This is something that will become a lot easier with some of the routing work we're focusing on at the moment.

    Glad you like the UI. We had a lot of back and forth about this, but are really happy with what we decided. 

    Aha! Easily done - off the top my head, it started with a 'Welcome to Route Mode' but I can see how it is tempting to zoom through them unless you've clocked it is a new set of onboarding.

    Had a chat about the language around the anticipation dot thanks to your feedback. We agree. We have a solution in the pipeline. The dot shows the angle you need to take when you reach the approaching waypoint (it uses the second waypoint as a proxy for this exit). What it needs to do is continually tell you the required exit angle - hard to explain in words, but this picture might help. It tells you regardless of your orientation to the junction that you'll need to take a 90 degree right turn, for example.

    These last 2 suggestions are also great ones! We'll ponder them and keep you posted!

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  • Gerrit Hannaert

    Hi Sam, Beeline team. Did some further testing.

    Re-routing does work as you described (shortest route) - I think my problem the first time around was that I loaded a saved route with my own waypoints, and I guess it was rerouting back to a point (I set myself) that I skipped and was diagonally behind me. Other than disagreeing about the safety/comfort of the proposed re-route ;-) - I think the routing is probably mathematically correct :-)

    Regarding the 'anticipation dot' - there are a few (edge) cases on my route to work where it "technically correct", but does not match where I would place it. I'd still be in favour of having the dot point to the "next waypoint" - rather than the "turn" (or bend) - especially because it is not 100% predictable where these interim waypoints (aka turns) end up in routing mode.

    Anticipation point says slight right turn next:

    The problem is that the main road here bends to the right and Beeline adds an automatic waypoint (the one I'm heading towards).

    In my mind, I'm following the road, and the next turn is left. Yet the next turn (okay, okay, anticipation point :-)) says I need to go slightly right. If the point was pointing instead to the "next waypoint" it would still not be left, but it would be almost straight in this case.

    2nd example: a bit similar here, the road bends to the right, but my next turn (in my mind) is left - and not in 122 meters but in around 500 meters. 

    I guess the "problem" could also be rephrased as "extra waypoints" - in both cases, eliminating the mid-road waypoint would probably give a clearer picture.

    Here's a sketch of this 2nd scenario, I'm at the bottom moving to the top-left. There an unnecessary (for me) waypoint ahead of me.

    In fact, in your drawing above - my experience would be that Beeline would add an extra waypoint in the bend, so you'd never see that scenario - you'd see this. The green dot I added to the Beeline is the left "turn" the current algorithm would show. Whereas the blue dot is (presumably) the next waypoint.

    Anyway, my two cents. Would be curious to hear what others find.


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  • Jen T

    I am just starting out using this and I fully agree with the Gerrit. If unnecessary waypoints could be eliminated, you wouldn't have to mentally decide if these were "real" or "fake" turns if you will. This is a common annoyance with all mapping apps.
    Anyway. Keep up the good work!

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