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    Beeline Team

    Hey Jamie,

    Thanks for the honest feedback - much appreciated. Sounds like you might have missed the tutorial, which you can always access in the Settings menu. Do let us know what you think having taken it for another spin or two. 

    We're thinking about that waypoint proximity issue at the moment, maybe user-adjusted sensitivity might be the way to go?



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  • Al Dough

    Hey Beeline Team,

    first of all, your products are awesome, thanks for inventing this fantastic gadget! Also your support and improvements are the best! Please keep on doing this!

    BUT - for me, the new route mode are a step backward. The earlier version of the route mode worked perfectly (for me), there were no problems finding the best route or the auomatic recalculation of the route. As Jamie described, it seems that beeline is too „strict“ and falls off the route, even it is the right route or turn! This can happen in areas with small streets or bike ways. Its no longer possible to cycle with beeline in the english garden, for example. In these situations, the only way is to recalc the route, and because this happens very often, it cant be the solution or the improvement of version 1 of the route mode.

    Please bring back the old „classical“ route mode as an option or preference and let the users decide which one they want to choose.



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