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    Beeline Team

    Hi Andries,

    For now, you have to do your route planning within the Beeline app. You can of course plan a route on a different platform then import it as a GPX :)


    The Beeline team

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  • Andries

    Hi, I'm sorry if I wasn't clear enough. Please let me elaborate.


    What I often do is try to find interesting destinations via for example tripadvisor or similar apps. Then I either save that location in for example Google Maps for when I get near it in the future or I immediately want to go there and sent the destination coordinates to the route planning app.

    However it turns out that for neither of these methods the beeline app can receive the point of destination. Copy/Paste the destination is of course an option or perhaps typing the address over in the Beeline app, being able to select the Beeline app at that point for the course planning directly after using the Direction option would be a much more fluent experience


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