Display total distance left in route mode



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    Beeline Team

    Hey Eugene,

    You're right - it doesn't currently show it! It probably should! Where would you put it in the UI? Perhaps in the Ride data screen?



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  • Eugene Seah

    For convenience probably would just have it on the main screen as a subtitle of sorts to the current waypoint distance? No need to keep pressing buttons and increase time with eyes off the road. Or maybe add some kind of setting to toggle whether the total distance is shown if screen clutter is a consideration

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  • John Kirk

    My vote would be:-

    In the app settings provide a series of switches under :-

    'In ride updates'


    1) display updates every (select option):-


    5 min

    10 min




    2) data to display (multiple select):-


    Distance travelled

    Distance remaining

    Average speed



    Display for (select option):-


    3 sec

    5 sec

    10 sec


    Display the chosen data sequentially when the user has selected it to appear unless that moment clashes with a directional way point in which case either delay or advance the display of data within 20 seconds.


    Would be good to have a phone vibrate option (switch) to 'alert in ride data onscreen'



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