GPS auto tracking



  • Filip Lejon

    This is my biggest (maybe only?) gripe with Beeline at the moment, and I assumed it was possible already. I like to just start biking around without a destination. Would love to automatically have that ride be recorded, check my speed while riding, distance travelled etc. But without GPS routing assistance in that case, evidently.


    It could be implemented in a way where you simply tap or long-press a button to start/finish recording. With an upload option to Strava, of course.


    That would be my ideal bike companion !

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  • Agilealtitude

    Very disappointed this is not a default mode when the unit is turned on. Not every ride needs to be planned.

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  • Jeremy Cath

    would be great to do this, and also trigger it from the device rather than need the app to explicitly be active (maybe show a confirmation on the screen if the button press was able to connect to the app to start recording)... longer term for Moto, if it's able to find a way to integrate speed limits and redlight/speed/"safety" cameras, then having the system active and running every time you fire up the bike to give us those alerts even if the other functions aren't active would be great... Maybe, like my dashcam, have it power up as soon as it senses movement...

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