Missed waypoints although I follow the route


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  • Coveliers ilja

    Exactly. I also want to know if this is somehow possible.
    Just yesterday I also took a wrong turn and after that did my best to get to the waypoint again. The Beeline never skips a waypoint automatically, you can press on the top of the screen and that takes you to the next waypoint. If you don't do this yourself, the beeline will keep pointing to the waypoint forever. So you can be in the right street but not on the same spot as your waypoint, but it won't take you to the next waypoint unless you take it perfectly.

    Part of the problem is that it sometimes starts calculating the next waypoint too late. Also yesterday a few times that the arrow was pointing to the left and after I had gone left, it started calculating and suddenly I had to go the other way.

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